Delight Me!

I am a Sprint Telephone customer and, unlike some of their customers, I am happy with them.

I first purchased a Treo 600 many years ago, along with their insurance. Sprint has regularly upgraded me, for no additional fee, every few years so that I now have a Treo 700p. When problems arise they have always addressed them for me quickly.

But Sprint has no iPhones so the day the iPhone was announced I drove to the closest Cingular store and put my name on a list. I was signed up for phones number 3 and 4 when they got them in.

Today I stopped by to make sure that I did not need to arrive early in the day and was told that, “the list no longer exists, it will be first come first serve.”

Needless to say, I was not delighted. What makes it more annoying is how simple it would have been for AT&T to delight me. The scenario should have gone like this:

Me, hearing my telephone ring: Hello
AT&T: Good morning this is AT&T calling, I am trying to reach Michael Daitzman
Me: That’s me!
AT&T: We see that you signed up for an iPhone at our store in Waltham. Rather then make you visit the store that day, which is likely to be a madhouse, we wanted to offer you the opportunity to have us federal express an iPhone to you on friday afternoon. Would you like to go ahead and do that?
Me: Absolutely!!!

That taste would have been sweet.

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