VOIP/SIP as a business phone

Vonage monthly cost for a telephone line: $24.95
SIPPHONE costs: however many calls I make plus $0.33 for caller id. Way better deal. Even once Grandcentral starts charging
(expect $15 a month) this is still a good deal.

SIPHONE Minutes for outbound calls: $0.02 cents a minutes
PAP2T ATA for dialtone: $59.95

Inbound calls via GrandCentral.com currently free.
Note: This gives you killer phone features – ring all phones I may be at, custom ring tones based on who is calling, phone spam filters, check
Pogues Review.
For premium caller id privilege – $4/year (weird set up via gizmoweb rather then sipphone. . . . .)

Would I recommend this to my mother? No – I spent a fair amount of time diddling routers, arguing with sipphone over email to refund me a duplicate charge, etc. For my mom, and most people, the beauty of vonage is that they answer the phone when I have a problem.

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